Partial tech reading list for 2010


Here are a few books I that I need to get through. Some of these I've partially read -- I plan to do a more focused reading in the upcoming months.

Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise
I've already taken a couple ideas from this book, specifically regarding UML.

Code Complete, 2nd edition
I've read a bit of this one already - great book that deserves its acclaim.

Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework
Work has not given me an opportunity to use MVC.NET yet -- looking forward to getting into this. Has quite a bit of TDD coverage as well.

Pro ASP.NET 3.5 in C# 2008
Hope to fill out my ASP.NET knowledge. The section on Asynchronous pages has helped a lot.

Head First Design Patterns
This has been out for a while - now I need to read it.

Head First Software Development
More of a project management focus

Building a Web 2.0 Portal with ASP.NET 3.5
I was intrigued by this book after reading the author's posts on
The appendix on perfmon counters has been a good resource for me.

Scalable Internet Architectures
More of a PHP focus.

I may try a general WCF book first before launching into this one.

Information Architecture

ASP.NET AJAX in Action
I got this one before discovering [the amazing] jQuery - now I'm thinking I should have got a jQuery-focused book instead.

Mind Performance Hacks

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja
I got a pre-release of this after reading about it on John Resig's blog.

Ultra Fast ASP.NET

Beginning XML with C# 2008 - From Novice to Professional